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How To Get Better Noticed On LinkedIn

A strong profile is critical to driving visibility on LinkedIn, but a profile alone won’t drive awareness. Thoughtful and strategic engagement is essential to expanding network growth. You can find strategies of how to get noticed on LinkedIn here

7 Situations Where A Thank You Note Really Matters

A thank you note is a powerful and necessary tool in a variety of professional situations. While everyone knows to write a thank you note after a job interview, many other scenarios also warrant one. You can find those instances of when to write a thank you note and why it really matters here

10 Phrases That Sabotage Communications

In daily communications, specific words choices can shape the impression you make on others. Communication is weakened when it’s riddled with qualifiers and fillers, which undermine credibility, confidence and authority. Learn how to communicate better and the 10 phrases that you should avoid here

How To Build Better Professional Visibility

Increasing professional visibility can contribute positively to business success and career advancement. Learn more about how to build professional visibility and how it will affect your personal brand here.

6 Executive Resume Mistakes You Can Fix Right Now

Whether you’re an executive seeking a new job, considering a job search or content in your role, it’s important to have a resume that presents who you are today and positions you well for where you want to go next in your career. Knowing the most common executive resume mistakes and how you can fix them will position you optimally to advance your career. Learn what you can do to fix your executive resume here.

How To Best Prepare For Giving Presentations

Speaking publicly is a valuable opportunity to communicate expertise, strengthen credibility and showcase your personal brand. Knowing how to prepare for a presentation will lead to being more confident and delivering a higher quality presentation. Learn more about how to best prepare for a presentation here.

How to Make (& Stick With) a Better New Year’s Resolution

The New Year’s Resolution is a great way to make new goals for the coming year when done properly. Read more about helpful strategies to make (& stick with) a better New Year’s Resolution here.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing Yourself

A refined introduction can lead to a powerful first impression and a lasting relationship. Learn about common mistakes (and how to avoid them) when introducing yourself here. 

How to Highlight Board Experience in Your Personal Brand

To stand out as a potential board director, you must have a strong personal brand. Additionally, your brand must communicate more than a stellar professional reputation with strong career progression. In order to strengthen your candidacy you must refine other, lesser known aspects of your personal brand. Learn more about personal branding and how to highlight board experience (or other relevant experience) here.


Do you Need to Update Your LinkedIn Headshot?

Your LinkedIn headshot is an essential part of your profile and personal brand. It is a first impression that is publicly visible to anyone, so make sure it’s powerful & professional. Learn more about what makes an ideal profile picture here

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