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38 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume Before It Ends Up In The ‘No’ Pile

Hiring managers rarely have the time or resources to look at each resume closely, and they typically spend about 6 seconds on their initial “fit/no fit” decision. If you want to pass that test, you need to have some solid qualifications — and the perfect resume to highlight them.

Creating a Strong Personal Brand

Alyssa Gelbard led an interactive workshop on how to create and communicate a strong and consistent personal brand. The session focused on why a personal brand is important, whether looking for a job, strengthening professional presence or cultivating new business. Attendees received guidance on how to strengthen their personal brand on a resume, LinkedIn profile, other social media channels and when networking or interviewing, as well as insight into how their professional image, personal style and dress reflect their brand, too.

9 Phrases On Your Resume That Make Hiring Managers Cringe

Writing, rewriting and perfecting your resume are some of the most important steps in any job search process. Streamline your pitch by eliminating these nine words and phrases that hiring managers hate seeing. (Video)

The Art of the Thank You

Writing a thank you note after a job interview is not optional. This expression of gratitude after an in-person, phone or video interview is not only good manners, but it’s also good strategy, keeping you top-of-mind with a potential employer. The thank you note is your opportunity to reinforce why you’re a strong candidate and reiterate your interest in the role you’ve interviewed for.

Optimizing Your Personal Brand

Alyssa Gelbard was the guest speaker at the annual Women’s Breakfast of the NJ Chapter of Finance Executives International (FEI). She led an interactive session about optimizing your personal brand to a diverse group of female senior financial executives.

31 Words And Phrases On Your Resume That Make Hiring Managers Cringe

While many large companies use automated resume-screener software to cut down the initial pool of job applicants, loading your resume with meaningless buzzwords and phrases is not the smartest way to get noticed.

Optimizing Your Personal Brand

Alyssa Gelbard led a special career session for the NY Chapter of Finance Executives International (FEI) on optimizing your personal brand. This interactive event for senior finance executives focused on creating a strong personal brand, whether seeking a new job, board role, business opportunities, clients or looking to elevate your professional presence.

Using LinkedIn Effectively

Alyssa Gelbard led an interactive workshop on best practices to use LinkedIn effectively as a networking, job-search and research tool. The session focused on creating a strong profile and optimizing the use of LinkedIn to strengthen your professional presence and visibility when you’re looking for a job or seeing new business opportunities or clients. Attendees represented a wide variety of industries and job functions, which made for interesting discussion.

Creating A Strong Personal Brand

Alyssa Gelbard led an interactive seminar for NYU Stern School of Business alumni on creating a strong personal brand. The session was hosted jointly by Stern’s Career Center For Working Professionals and The Wasserman Center for Career Development.

Top 10 Resume Do’s and Don’ts

You know that a strong resume is vital as you market yourself for a new job, but how do you know if yours is the best it can be? Here are 10 resume tips: the strategic essentials for what you should — and shouldn’t — do to ensure your resume makes the strongest possible first impression.

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