The Resume Strategists process

Your resume is a vital personal marketing and communications piece and during all phases of the resume creation process, close attention will be paid to strategy, structure and content to maximize effectiveness. In addition to discussing your professional experience, you will also discuss your aspirations, goals and the type of position/s and organization/s in which you are interested. You will also have ongoing dialogue about strategy and learn how to talk about the content of your resume so you know how to best present yourself while networking and interviewing.

A strong resume is a key tool, but it’s not the only thing you need to obtain the job you seek. It is vital that your cover letter and LinkedIn profile communicate the same messaging as your resume and the items together provide a consistent, cohesive package for how you present yourself to prospective employers.

Working with Resume Strategists is broken down into three phases:

Discussion also covers career strategy and what it takes to enable you to take that next step in your career – whether you already know what the role is or if you need guidance to identify and determine what it will be. Resume Strategists will also make sure that your desired next step is in alignment with your overall career goals, strengths, interests and skillset.

Upon completion of your resume, Resume Strategists creates a basic LinkedIn profile (provided to you in Microsoft Word) that will have the same messaging as your resume to provide consistency, which is vital as you present yourself to prospective employers and to those with whom you network.

Your cover letter is then created by Resume Strategists and several options of paragraphs are provided so you can customize the letter to specific job descriptions. The cover letter is provided in Microsoft Word, so you can make changes in the future. Clients often use the cover letter as a basis for various forms of initial communication with prospective employers.

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